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Having a dog in the family is like being part of a club – every dog owner is delighted to chat when they see your four-legged companion beside you. Life is friendlier.
And dogs are always thrilled to see you. Every time we arrive at our Gran’s house, where her elderly dachshund greets us with joy, she says, “You don’t get a welcome like that anywhere else!”  
If you’re feeling down, your dog knows. They are the ultimate secret keepers.
And what about those wonderful creatures who act as the eyes or ears for their humans, or search out injured people on the mountains?
We’re pretty soppy about our dog Bruce, the original Mighty Pooch.
We were going through bereavement when he arrived on our doorstep as an abandoned puppy. Bruce made a dreadful time in our lives that little bit easier.
And he makes us smile every day.
So that’s why we’re dog photographers. Our canine friends won’t be around forever – it’s up to us to make sure they’re never forgotten.
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Michael, Aislinn and, of course, Bruce

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