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If you tell us you don’t chat to your dog, we’ll tell you we don’t believe you! So, in the run-up to your session, you can tell your little friend this:
• Yes, there will be plenty of sniff time on the photoshoot – it’s not all work, you know
• We’re going to be outdoors, so there’ll be no flashing lights, no scary studio, no white backdrop and no unnecessary outfits
• Biscuits will probably be produced at some point during the session to keep your tail wagging
• You can bring your ball along if you like to play, but you’ll have to be patient – we know how obsessed you can be when we bring it out, so it may stay hidden for the first part of the session
• There’s nothing to worry about – it’s totally relaxed and – above all – other humans report back that their dogs enjoyed the experience
• If you’re nervous of strangers or not great at taking commands, it’s fine – it’s all taken into account when your photoshoot is planned
• When the session is a distant memory, all visitors to your home will coo over how marvellous you are in your special photographs and you’ll always be remembered
• Above all, we’re talking fresh air, lots of interesting smells, a pocketful of treats and lots of attention and praise – what’s not to like?!
Get in touch to book your session and, if your dog has any further questions, drop us a line!
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